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"The sources for "Formationen" are early solo recordings by werner which he produced with synthesizers and tapes in 1992 and 1993, during his collaborations with f.x.randomiz and his first experiments with andi toma that should be released a bit later under the alias mouse on mars. werner found those early tapes a while ago, re-mastered and carefully re-worked them, and the result are four stunning pieces of beautiful electronic music." (a-musik press release) vinyl only strictly limited to 300 copies. (a-musik)


Klangwerkstatt are premiering two new compositions by Jan St. Werner. 20 one minute pieces for solo cello played by Michael Rauter and electronics called "Fetzen 1-20" and "Meteoronomie" for metronome and electronics.

Nov 7th, 2010
Künstlerhaus Bethanien - Studio 1
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U1, U8, Bus 140 Kottbusser Tor
Tickets: +49 30 902 981 439


Solistenensemble KALEIDOSKOP
11. | 12. | 13.02.2010
Radialsystem V - Berlin
pieces by Claude Vivier, Joseph Haydn, Salvatore Sciarrino, Jan St. Werner


Neuter River is not exactly a band or a person, it's the remains of an idea, a shifting light cube at the end of a ragged kaleidoscope. atonal precission / pentatonic noise.
important records

Fahren 1

Score for an undefined number of cars on a highway to be performed until all actions are exercised. By Volker Hormann, Michael Rauter & Jan St. Werner. On the occasion of "Nordkurve", Künstlerische Arbeiten am Ort der ehemaligen Autorennstrecke AVUS und heutigen Autobahn A115 Berlin
kunstraum avus

Out of projection

Two screen video installation by David Maljkovic with sound by Jan St. Werner.

Date: September 9, 2009 – January 18, 2010
Place: Building A, Sabatini, Planta 1, Espacio 1
museo reina sofia

David Malkovic with Jan St Werner at Pinksummer gallery

Opening December 5th, 2008

Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Maggiore 28R
Piazza Matteotti 9
16123 Genova, Italy

The Noisemashinetapes Archive

The Noisemashinetapes Archive includes extensive holdings of 20th and 21st century music recordings and special collections mixed and edited by Jan St Werner between 1998-2008. The archive is hosted by ChickenHed.

Vertiginous Mapping

In Vertiginous Mapping, Rosa Barba utilizes conventions of documentary film-making and weaves together new and historical footage with materials she located in municipal archives, including documentation of Sweden's switch from driving on the left to the right side of the road in 1967. Rather than building upon a central plot, Barba prefers to present a labyrinth of information, altering and fabricating elements along the way. The soundtrack for this web based project was composed by Jan St. Werner and Adam Butler.


sonig is an independent music label for experimental, electronic and non genre specific music. the artist roster is international and features bands, solo artists and art related music projects. sonig is based in cologne and shares offices with a-musik, the specialist shop, distributor and label for all kinds of outsider music. sonig is also running a mail order service and alternatively offers products through online stores such as itunes or amazon. sonig is run by frank dommert, jan st werner and andi toma.

A&E / Aelters / Audiogarde / Baleine 3000 / C-Schulz / C-Schulz & F.X.Randomiz / Candie Hank / DJ Elephant Power / Dogr / Dü / F.X.Randomiz / Fan Club Orchestra / Fanal / Hajsch / Jason Forrest / Kevin Blechdom / Lithops / Michel Waisvisz / Microstoria / Mouse On Mars / Nathan Michel / Noisemashinetapes / Patric Catani/Chris Imler/Jorinde Voigt / Schlammpeitziger / Scratch Pet Land / Sun OK Papi K.O. / The Allophons / Uské Orchestra / Vert / Wang Inc. / Wevie De Crepon / Workshop / Xberg Dhirty6 Cru

sonig, kleiner griechenmarkt 28-30, 50676 koeln, germany.


a-musik is a highly recommended record store, label, mail order service and distributor for experimental music

Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30
D-50676 Köln
Tel.: 0221 - 510 7591 (mailorder)
Tel.: 0221 - 169 30 600 (shop, distribution)
Fax: 0221 - 510 7592

Shop-hours: tuesday - saturday 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
every 1st thursday/month until 11 p.m.

a-musik homepage
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Sun State

Concert/installation Oct. 17th 2007 by Diango Hernandez, Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner at Kunsthalle Duesseldorf. A limited edition of 100 hand crafted vinyl records was presented at the event.

"In Sun State the hierarchies between different disciplines are frequent. A state in movement in which objects and gestures evoke complex sounds within a field of noisy improvisation, reflection and abstraction. All actions become distorted, deformed by apparently chaotic movements and the sound itself determines the happening of actions. All that happens or doesn't happen in a Sun State performance is part of an installation and its documentation becomes a sculptural act."
sun state live video
galerie wiesehöfer

Return to Sender

Return to Sender

8 February - 15 March 2008
11am to 8pm
Project Arts Centre
39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Rosa Barba and David Maljkovic have staged the creation of a fiction, by sending back and forth between their transitory locations in Stockholm and Zagreb respectively, a series of images and texts, moving and stationary, which occur independently of the other. They pick up from and respond to what has come before, what could be anticipated for the future, or what occurs in the moment of reception.
Project's gallery is the host to the 16mm results of this process, with sound by Jan St Werner, installed in a separately built environment conceived by Barba, Maljkovic & Werner.

Vorgemischte Welt

„Mit Vorgemischte Welt legen Klaus Sander und Jan St. Werner die anregendsten Gedanken zum Thema Musik und deren ästhetische Bedingungen seit Jahren vor. Wer sich auch nur ein wenig über Musik als traditionelles Beruhigungsmedium hinaus für tatsächlich auch soziologische, biologische, ökonomische oder ästhetische Fragen des Kunstschaffens interessiert, darf an diesem Buch nicht vorbeigehen. Pflichtlektüre!“ (Der Standard, Wien)
Suhrkamp Verlag


Artistic direction for STEIM, Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. 2005/2006
STEIMPROJECTOR project archive

Noise Cabin

During 5 days off 2006 the program NOISE CABIN was taking place in De Melkweg, Amsterdam NL. A new design for the club space, in both a spatial and a musical sense. The Noise Cabin is a collaboration of Jan St. Werner with the visual artists Diango Hernandez, Rosa Barba and Anne Pöhlmann. They will change the Oude Zaal of the Melkweg in a way that changes the setting of a regular club space. A huge amount of prints will cover the space and transform it into a flickering and resonating entity. Photocopies, prints, black & white images, graphics and projections will change the space into an archive, a visual treasure of instable data: noise. Visitors can read the prints on the walls, make connections between musical and visual codes and discover the instability of sound and visuals. The resonance is multiplied by Andreas Otto and Florian Grote of the German Pingipung label, who will recreate the venue into an enormous sound installation that will create pulsations in the space as the massive output of the sound system of the club space.

Marshall Amp Fire

sound event @ CASCO Office for Art Design and Theory, Utrecht, Netherlands

St Werner adapted electric harmoniums to create a subtle continuous sound that is every now and again disrupted by other noises that were recorded in the space, quietly harmonising and conflicting with the social setting.
Casco archive

Wichtel und die Wuchteln

Wichtel und die Wuchteln: Hämchen Hämchen
Wuchtel und die Wichteln: Wunderschöner junger Mann
CD-Single featuring Ingrid & Oswald Wiener, Rosa Barba, Anja Theismann, Klaus Sander & Jan St. Werner
ISBN: 978-3-932513-67-1
Euro 12,00

doku/fiction Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Starting from the idea of producing a remix album of Mouse on Mars in book-form, Jan St.Werner and Andi Toma, in conjunction with the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, asked over 30 artists, musicians, designers and scientists to document their imaginative responses to and associations with Mouse on Mars. They were invited to contribute works for the project without actually generating any sound. Inspired by the music of Mouse on Mars (to be viewed as ‘work in progress’ rather than something striving to be complete), ideas, sketches and designs were originated, which correspond to a fantastical, occasionally formal, but always personal analysis of what it means to experience music.
The exhibition featured works by Heike Baranowsky, Rosa Barba, Laurent Baudoux, Armin Boehm, Michel Carré, Katja Davar, Diango Hernández, Waseem Khan, Matthias Köchling, Dirk Königsfeld, Stefan Kozalla, Simon Lewis, Jean-François Moriceau & Petra Mrzyk, Soulis Moustakidis, Daniel Roth, Constantin Rothkopf, Silke Schatz, Christian Schwarzwald, Alice Stepanek/Steven Maslin, Leif Trenkler, Emmett Williams, Jo Zimmermann.

DasArts Open Lab 123 "On Being A Band"

Musical Reading & Workshop by Jan St Werner
October 11th - 23rd 2005
DasArts, Mauritskade 56, 1092 Amsterdam

"By learning with others you can get instant feedback from other creative minds (each bringing to the table different experiences and insights) DURING the learning process. This enables a kind of collective experience that can be drawn upon when internalizing information the first time. I don't believe collective learning is stressed in the west. Performing music in a creative group is collective learning as is playing in a big band of some sort but I'm speaking now of collective learning in the more general and traditional concept of studying and conceptualizing together with others.."
O. Coleman, "An Interview"
"We came together to try out a kind of aesthetics of failure i.e. an aesthetics of the non-ability, of wanting and willing. And this is a very painful aesthetics, it is an aesthetics of embarrassment, blamage and renouncement. But as it is actually all about seizing an emotional affect on the listener and how it naturally feeds back as disgrace and how this embarrassment becomes a play of being taken away and feeling painful... "
Oswald Wiener on the occasion of the Berlin concert of "SELTEN GEHÖRTE MUSIK" 1974
dasarts archive, scroll down

Otto Rössler: Descartes' Traum

Otto E. Rössler: Descartes' Traum
"Der Chaosforscher Otto E. Rössler (geboren 1940), Professor für Theoretische Chemie und Spezialist für Nichtspezialisiertheit, ist ein hinreißender Erzähler, der seine Hörer mit Begeisterung anzustecken versteht. Der Entdecker des nach ihm benannten Rössler-Attraktors hält die Wissenschaft für eine wichtige Aufgabe und gleichzeitig für ein Spiel, er schätzt Gehirngleichungen und die Theorie der Menschenrechte. In eigens für diese CD aufgenommenen improvisierten Kurzvorträgen berichtet er von der unendlichen Macht des Außenstehens, von Heraklit's Joystick und Descartes’ Traum, spricht über Mikrorelativität, Bewußtsein, Quantenwelten und Chaos ohne Charakter, entwickelt eine kleine Theorie des Lächelns und entdeckt das Wunder des Jetzt."

Rosa Barba

Various soundtracks for films and installations.
"The work of Rosa Barba points towards a future cinema that's not beholden to the digital, yet which is still capable of exploring uncharted territory just as resourcefully."


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the meshbox is a sample sequencer consisting of a usb controller board and a software patch. it allows the sampling of a line or microphone signal on the fly and provides a range of real-time editing functions. the meshbox works as a stand alone tool or is syncable to midi. the meshbox has been contrived by jan st. werner, was programmed by frank balde and will be built by jorgen brinkmann at the steim workshop, amsterdam.

doku/fiction Book

doku/fiction publication edited by Kunsthalle Düsseldorf 160 pages & CD 16.8 x 24 cm released: April 2004
ISBN: 3-89955-03-8
Softcover, incl. CD with 9 audio tracks by Mouse on Mars. Design by Frieda Luczak, Icon Communications Design, Cologne
Using Mouse on Mars' songs, albums and concerts as inspiration, 37 artists, musicians, designers and academics have created commentaries, paintings, drawings and collages for this book. The results gathered here document the visual, artistic and theoretical contexts of modern electronic music as well as a range of personal interpretations of what it’s like to experience it. The book contains essays by author and journalist Dietmar Dath as well as Professor Siegfried Zielinski of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in addition to an interview of linguist and cyberneticist Oswald Wiener by Jan St. Werner. As an added bonus, the book includes an audio CD featuring 9 exclusive Mouse on Mars tracks referring to the production of the remix artworks. The concept for an accompanying exhibition was born out of the book project. It is held at the German museum Kunsthalle Duesseldorf from April 4 through June 27, 2004.
doku/fiction publication

Sound Speaker

Comprised of unequal parts concert, exhibition, lecture and theatre play, “sound speaker” presents interdisciplinary performances highlighting the inconsequential and the unpredictable in music. The artists and performers take the stage and use sound itself as the medium to address questions of musical aesthetics, dynamics and logics.

SOUND SPEAKER 1: David Michael DiGregorio and Sung Hwan Kim "Two in a Room" aug. 24 2006

SOUND SPEAKER 2: James Beckett feat. the n-ensemble „animals in instruments“ sept. 2 2006

Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Info and reservations: or 020-6228690