Return to Sender

Return to Sender

8 February - 15 March 2008
11am to 8pm
Project Arts Centre
39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Rosa Barba and David Maljkovic have staged the creation of a fiction, by sending back and forth between their transitory locations in Stockholm and Zagreb respectively, a series of images and texts, moving and stationary, which occur independently of the other. They pick up from and respond to what has come before, what could be anticipated for the future, or what occurs in the moment of reception.
Project's gallery is the host to the 16mm results of this process, with sound by Jan St Werner, installed in a separately built environment conceived by Barba, Maljkovic & Werner.

Vorgemischte Welt

„Mit Vorgemischte Welt legen Klaus Sander und Jan St. Werner die anregendsten Gedanken zum Thema Musik und deren ästhetische Bedingungen seit Jahren vor. Wer sich auch nur ein wenig über Musik als traditionelles Beruhigungsmedium hinaus für tatsächlich auch soziologische, biologische, ökonomische oder ästhetische Fragen des Kunstschaffens interessiert, darf an diesem Buch nicht vorbeigehen. Pflichtlektüre!“ (Der Standard, Wien)
Suhrkamp Verlag


Artistic direction for STEIM, Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. 2005/2006
STEIMPROJECTOR project archive

Noise Cabin

During 5 days off 2006 the program NOISE CABIN was taking place in De Melkweg, Amsterdam NL. A new design for the club space, in both a spatial and a musical sense. The Noise Cabin is a collaboration of Jan St. Werner with the visual artists Diango Hernandez, Rosa Barba and Anne Pöhlmann. They will change the Oude Zaal of the Melkweg in a way that changes the setting of a regular club space. A huge amount of prints will cover the space and transform it into a flickering and resonating entity. Photocopies, prints, black & white images, graphics and projections will change the space into an archive, a visual treasure of instable data: noise. Visitors can read the prints on the walls, make connections between musical and visual codes and discover the instability of sound and visuals. The resonance is multiplied by Andreas Otto and Florian Grote of the German Pingipung label, who will recreate the venue into an enormous sound installation that will create pulsations in the space as the massive output of the sound system of the club space.